Welcome to the Yantai American School Community!

Welcome to Yantai American School!  Since our beginnings in 2006, we have been deeply committed to the founder’s vision to provide a positive school environment focused on academic excellence for the expatriate community of Yantai.   


As educators, we know the single-most significant factor for a school’s success is the quality of its teachers.  Here at YAS, we take great pride in our teaching staff.  Our goal is to select educators who are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to serving children.  It is because of a great teaching staff that we’ve achieved a reputation for excellence in providing education in Yantai. 


YAS offers an academic program that is best described as globally-minded and taught in a distinctly American style.  We are fully accredited in the United States through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Our curriculum is college preparatory in nature and culminates with an American High School Diploma.  The unifying theme on our campus is to provide a rich English education focused on character development that supports students on their journey towards gaining access to the finest colleges in the United States and worldwide.