The most important resource a school has is its teachers. What has made YAS successful has been having great teachers that love kids. Our teachers have a combined experience of 148 years in the field of education! Many of our teachers have teaching degrees, and all of our American teachers are ESL certified.

Teachers + TAs

YAS hires teachers primarily  from the U.S. Many of our teachers have teaching degrees, and all American teachers are ESL certified.

English Language

YAS has native English speakers, as well as students brand new to English. YAS teachers and TAs have experience working with a range of students and help ensure all students feel comfortable learning in an English only classroom.

AP Classes

Exemplary students with high levels of English are invited to take part in our Pre-AP and AP Programs. These programs are academically rigorous and require significant amount of effort and time to satisfactorily complete them.

Yantai American School's elementary school (K-5) is heavily focused on English language development. Classes are limited to 20 students (average is 15 students - fall 2015) and are taught by an American teacher with an ESL teaching certificate. 

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Yantai American School is college preparatory in nature.  High School students (9-12) are offered several Pre-AP and AP classes to help prepare them for university. The Director of Student Affairs assists students as they apply for university. 

Middle School (6-8) students are challenged in all their courses.  Students that have high levels of English and are academically advanced are able to take part in a Pre-AP program for English and science.  Students also take challenging social studies and math courses.


Character Education

Students aren't just learning content and language, but are taught to have good character.  In addition to a traditional report card, students receive a Mariner Report Card, which is based on character. 


All of the students get an opportunity to express themselves through music and visual arts. Many of the students find art or music to be some of their favorite parts of the day.

School Activities

YAS offers a variety of after school activities. Students are able to take part in athletic, artistic and academic clubs. They are also given volunteer opportunities each semester.